Happy November!

For the month of October, ten (10) chinchillas were surrendered and eleven (11) chinchillas were adopted. It was a giddy month when, until the last week, we had only taken in 3 fur babies. With all the empty cages, we actually got to allow the chins here to spread out as we opened up the jump holes on the triple stacks. 

Like busy little ants, we've had quite a time prepping for the winter. With hurricane Sandy and winter cold setting in, we've had our hands, stove top and oven constantly running with the fragrant varieties of woods we prepare for the chinchillas' gnawing pleasure. 

Our store selection has grown immensely over the past couple of months. If you've been following us on Facebook, you may have seen the teases and jibes Whimsy sends to alert our fans that another "something new" is coming. Lately the focus has been on chinchilla nutrition. Because the digestive system--from mouth to, *cough* tail--is the bane of the domestic chinchilla, foraging products are a necessity. Feed pellets are nutritionally complete, but are considered a "soft" food. In the wild, chinchillas will scavenge for grasses, leaves, bark, roots, herbs, flowers and other high fiber foods. This not only gives their teeth the workout it needs to ward off malocclusion, but keeps their tummies and intestines moving, which prevents stasis. 

Our little cloud bunnies have a natural tendency to seek out a wide range of food items. Have you ever noticed that they will eat ANYTHING? Furniture, electrical wires, shoes and homework papers are all at risk for an exploratory nibble. So, we've come up with some exciting new food items that are intended to stimulate and meet that natural foraging penchant. Check out some of our latest creations, available in the Store, just in time for Christmas!

The "Chinchilada" is a man-sized whole loofah overstuffed with the same herbal hay mixture that's in our Piñata toys. We've taken the stuffing to a more economical level with this creative combo, bound with seagrass. Every bit of this delicious food/toy is edible and makes an interesting weekly addition. 

We finally have our organic grapevine rings back in stock...with a twist.  This year's wreaths are much, MUCH larger than last year's. And as an added bonus, we've sprinkled them with a generous portion of apple fiber (think: powdered sugar donuts) to help absorb moisture and to encourage your chins to eat every twiggy curl.

Finally, we have come up with a foraging mix that you can offer in a separate food dish by the handful. "Confetti Cuisine" is a high fiber, apple-infused potpourri of loofah bites, chopped hay, rose buds and petals, calming chamomile flowers, peppermint, dehydrated carrot and the ever-popular crispy, dried leaves. Until this new release, I've had to beat people back with my imaginary e-stick to keep hold of enough leaves for this new product. (Thanks, Matty and Matt. :S ) But like Cinderella, the plain leaves have been transformed into a luscious new dish that looks and smells absolutely amazing!

Why yes, yes I do decorate my house with chinchilla supplies. :)

Please keep in mind, all of our products are natural with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or other funky adulterating ingredients. (*cough* Beware those who color/flavor their chew toys with powdered drink mix or gelatine. Seriously????) We only offer what we are confident is good and safe for our fur babies, and share the new creations with you.