"Poor Quality... High Prices!"

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am with their grocery shopping experiences lately?

While prices continue to climb, the quality and quantities we expect have plummeted sickeningly.  Boxes of cereal, bags of chips, even cans of vegetables contain less product, but with a higher price. And don't get me started on the packaging and price of coffee!

Can you feel my pain? Can I get an Amen??

Whimsy is determined to rebel, at least in her own way.  While others may scrimp and cut corners, under weigh and trim, we seek to make a BIGGER, BETTER product. Our good reputation comes from the fact that we're not only looking out for the well-being of chinchillas everywhere, but also their owners and the environment. In an effort to make effective use of all supplies and materials, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our store items and creatively use "scrap" bits and pieces that would normally go to waste. Which reminds me... Have you seen our new Carousel Hay Holder? 

In an ongoing effort to improve our products, some of the changes we've made, without fanfare, have been; 

  • LARGER vine balls with our stuffed toss toys 
  • THICKER slices of loofah and hay cubes
  • BIGGER pumice stones and antlers
  • FULLER portions
  • CHUNKIER toy parts
  • DENSER wood cage accessories
  • And not to mention....MORE STUFF!

We love to hear the positive regard of our customers. And many times new store items and ideas come from our Facebook fans. We welcome input and collaborative efforts. So tell us: How may we serve you?

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