New Christmas Chew Toys!

We've been brainstorming like crazy and have come up with a bunch of awesome and adorable new seasonal chew toys!

In celebration of the season, we are offering a limited-time package deal. For a flat rate of $100, you receive the following with shipping included:

Christmas Care Package Deluxe (a $122.00 value!)

☆Shipping: 15.50

☆2 Cage Garlands (1 original, 1 Icicle twist): 15.00  

☆Chinchilada: 6.00                             

☆(2) Wreaths: 20.00

☆Snowman: 7.50

☆Christmas Arbor-eat’em: 15.00                 

☆Candy Cane Twist: 5.00

☆Candy Cane Toss: 2.50

☆(3) Rose hips stuffed willow ball “ornaments”: 7.50

☆(2) Apple powdered grapevine wreaths: 8.00

☆Confetti Cuisine sampler: 5.00

☆5 oz Probiotic cookies: 5.00

☆And with the first 19 mail orders…Jamie Glaser’s Christmas CD: 10.00

Of course, the items are all available individually if you would like to order more or less. See the Store for details and ordering information: