Happy December!

For the month of November, three (3) chinchillas were surrendered and four (4) chinchillas were adopted. It's the calm before the storm again. There have been many, many inquiries about Christmas chinchillas, which is rather exciting!

Pets as a gift is a highly debatable thing. In our way of thinking, whatever it takes to open your home, whether it be to save up for a special occasion, event or move, the addition of a new furry family member has many benefits. 

When you adopt a rescue, there is usually a process to help deflect any impulse purchase. With the caging requirements, contract, and interview, rescues generally produce better results when it comes to attracting those who seek to provide a "furever" home. 

Another benefit of adopting a rescue pet is the ongoing support andexpert advice provided by those of us who sincerely want to help. Unlike adopting from a pet store or stranger on Craigslist, we won't leave you flapping in the wind if an emergency happens, if you need boarding, supplies, or even medical and training advice. Plus, if the unfortunate decision to give up your chinchilla does occur, we are ready and able to welcome back any chinnie adopted from us.

The benefits to owning a pet are not one-sided. Studies have shown that pet ownership contributes to a person's sense of responsibility, provides unconditional love, and even boosts intelligence!

With that being said, we do have a handful of lucky chinnies who are going home for Christmas. So who would also like to open their hearts and homes this holiday season?

New Christmas Chew Toys!

We've been brainstorming like crazy and have come up with a bunch of awesome and adorable new seasonal chew toys!

In celebration of the season, we are offering a limited-time package deal. For a flat rate of $100, you receive the following with shipping included:

Christmas Care Package Deluxe (a $122.00 value!)

☆Shipping: 15.50

☆2 Cage Garlands (1 original, 1 Icicle twist): 15.00  

☆Chinchilada: 6.00                             

☆(2) Wreaths: 20.00

☆Snowman: 7.50

☆Christmas Arbor-eat’em: 15.00                 

☆Candy Cane Twist: 5.00

☆Candy Cane Toss: 2.50

☆(3) Rose hips stuffed willow ball “ornaments”: 7.50

☆(2) Apple powdered grapevine wreaths: 8.00

☆Confetti Cuisine sampler: 5.00

☆5 oz Probiotic cookies: 5.00

☆And with the first 19 mail orders…Jamie Glaser’s Christmas CD: 10.00

Of course, the items are all available individually if you would like to order more or less. See the Store for details and ordering information:

"Poor Quality... High Prices!"

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am with their grocery shopping experiences lately?

While prices continue to climb, the quality and quantities we expect have plummeted sickeningly.  Boxes of cereal, bags of chips, even cans of vegetables contain less product, but with a higher price. And don't get me started on the packaging and price of coffee!

Can you feel my pain? Can I get an Amen??

Whimsy is determined to rebel, at least in her own way.  While others may scrimp and cut corners, under weigh and trim, we seek to make a BIGGER, BETTER product. Our good reputation comes from the fact that we're not only looking out for the well-being of chinchillas everywhere, but also their owners and the environment. In an effort to make effective use of all supplies and materials, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our store items and creatively use "scrap" bits and pieces that would normally go to waste. Which reminds me... Have you seen our new Carousel Hay Holder? 

In an ongoing effort to improve our products, some of the changes we've made, without fanfare, have been; 

  • LARGER vine balls with our stuffed toss toys 
  • THICKER slices of loofah and hay cubes
  • BIGGER pumice stones and antlers
  • FULLER portions
  • CHUNKIER toy parts
  • DENSER wood cage accessories
  • And not to mention....MORE STUFF!

We love to hear the positive regard of our customers. And many times new store items and ideas come from our Facebook fans. We welcome input and collaborative efforts. So tell us: How may we serve you?

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Happy November!

For the month of October, ten (10) chinchillas were surrendered and eleven (11) chinchillas were adopted. It was a giddy month when, until the last week, we had only taken in 3 fur babies. With all the empty cages, we actually got to allow the chins here to spread out as we opened up the jump holes on the triple stacks. 

Like busy little ants, we've had quite a time prepping for the winter. With hurricane Sandy and winter cold setting in, we've had our hands, stove top and oven constantly running with the fragrant varieties of woods we prepare for the chinchillas' gnawing pleasure. 

Our store selection has grown immensely over the past couple of months. If you've been following us on Facebook, you may have seen the teases and jibes Whimsy sends to alert our fans that another "something new" is coming. Lately the focus has been on chinchilla nutrition. Because the digestive system--from mouth to, *cough* tail--is the bane of the domestic chinchilla, foraging products are a necessity. Feed pellets are nutritionally complete, but are considered a "soft" food. In the wild, chinchillas will scavenge for grasses, leaves, bark, roots, herbs, flowers and other high fiber foods. This not only gives their teeth the workout it needs to ward off malocclusion, but keeps their tummies and intestines moving, which prevents stasis. 

Our little cloud bunnies have a natural tendency to seek out a wide range of food items. Have you ever noticed that they will eat ANYTHING? Furniture, electrical wires, shoes and homework papers are all at risk for an exploratory nibble. So, we've come up with some exciting new food items that are intended to stimulate and meet that natural foraging penchant. Check out some of our latest creations, available in the Store, just in time for Christmas!

The "Chinchilada" is a man-sized whole loofah overstuffed with the same herbal hay mixture that's in our Piñata toys. We've taken the stuffing to a more economical level with this creative combo, bound with seagrass. Every bit of this delicious food/toy is edible and makes an interesting weekly addition. 

We finally have our organic grapevine rings back in stock...with a twist.  This year's wreaths are much, MUCH larger than last year's. And as an added bonus, we've sprinkled them with a generous portion of apple fiber (think: powdered sugar donuts) to help absorb moisture and to encourage your chins to eat every twiggy curl.

Finally, we have come up with a foraging mix that you can offer in a separate food dish by the handful. "Confetti Cuisine" is a high fiber, apple-infused potpourri of loofah bites, chopped hay, rose buds and petals, calming chamomile flowers, peppermint, dehydrated carrot and the ever-popular crispy, dried leaves. Until this new release, I've had to beat people back with my imaginary e-stick to keep hold of enough leaves for this new product. (Thanks, Matty and Matt. :S ) But like Cinderella, the plain leaves have been transformed into a luscious new dish that looks and smells absolutely amazing!

Why yes, yes I do decorate my house with chinchilla supplies. :)

Please keep in mind, all of our products are natural with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or other funky adulterating ingredients. (*cough* Beware those who color/flavor their chew toys with powdered drink mix or gelatine. Seriously????) We only offer what we are confident is good and safe for our fur babies, and share the new creations with you.


Happy October!

For the month of September two (2) chinchillas were surrendered and six (6) chinchillas were adopted. For the first time EVER, we've had to delay inquiries for surrender due to space issues. We simply do not have extra room to fit the numbers of chinchillas needing care and a permanent home. As it is, our current chin count is 102 with 3 boarding and 58 for adoption.

Pet stores and backyard breeders continue to be our biggest nemesis in our effort to reduce the huge numbers of unwanted animals.  Nonetheless, we have a gigantic support network of people who want to help. Girl Scout troops, high-schoolers who need volunteer hours for an honor society, middle-schoolers who need volunteer time as part of their required curriculum, and the high-schoolers with special needs who desperately desire vocational training that doesn't involve the usual, paper folding, envelope stuffing, or paper shredding tasks. Making our colorful, texture-rich chew toys is something they heartily look forward to. 

When you purchase from our store, not only are you supporting our rescue work, you are also providing work opportunities for the students. :D